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See If I Fit
See If I Fit

Let’s Talk About Ways to Strengthen Your Company

Looking to optimize your business, build a strong culture, or engage your people in new ways? I’m passionate about sharing helpful advice and strategies to support you as you reach your goals.

Hire Me to Speak

Even though I worked as a DJ in a past life, I’m more of a how-to guy than a hype man.

My talks are more about practical points than PowerPoints. And I drop knowledge instead of mics. If your sales have stalled or your team’s motivation is lagging, try bringing in an outside perspective.

I’m Not Just Telling You What You Want to Hear

Whenever I speak to a group of people, I’m going to challenge you. But I’m also going to provide you with the insights and tools you need to move forward.

A Mindset Shift

It’s easy for a team to focus on solving the wrong issues. Businesses often don’t get results because they pursue the wrong things. I’ll help you redefine your goals and rethink how you should accomplish them.

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Been There, Doing That

I’m not going to stand in front of you and tell you to try things I haven’t already found success with. I’ll show you how to implement the strategies and processes that have helped my own agency grow.

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Get Everyone on Board

You can try to motivate employees with catchy slogans and perks. But if they don’t know why they’re coming to work everyday, you can’t create a dream team. I’ll show you how to empower your people and keep them engaged.

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Speaking From Experience

I could talk about these three traits of a successful business for hours. But don’t worry, I can fit a lot of insights and takeaways into your timeframe.

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Leadership and Team Building

It takes ambition to build something. But you also have to be smart, methodical and calculated. To turn your vision into reality you have to be a leader that invites people into your vision. Be the leader that attracts people and aligns your team to run fast.

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Building a Brand Customers Want to Buy From

Consumers have never had more choices. So how do you stand out? Brands must keep up with how customers buy by researching and listening well, and clarifying how they’re different from competitors.

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Sales and Marketing That Adds Value

Marketing is the new sales and sales is the new customer service. Instead of selling to prospects, simply show how you can solve their problem. Build a team, processes and systems to help drive awareness and amplify your efforts as a business.

See Me in Action

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before I Talk I Want to Hear From You

Tell me a little bit more about your team, company, and what you’re hoping to get out of a speaking session with me.