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See If I Fit
See If I Fit

Passion, Authenticity, Integrity

These are the principles that guide my leadership style. I strive to make them a part of everything I do, from running my company to helping other agency owners grow theirs.

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How I Got Here

I truly love what I do. From building teams to coaching, encouraging, and cheering people on when they win, I love helping people find purpose beyond work. 

This goes far beyond my role as CEO of Lone Fir Creative and into everything I do with other agencies. One of my favorite parts of agency coaching is working with great leaders to make their organizations smarter, more efficient, and a true reflection of their values. At the end of the day, I want to help agency owners avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the past and build something that they’re proud of.

I like to think I have an edge when it comes to the entrepreneurial spirit. I was raised in a family that believed in making their own success. I watched my dad grow a vocational school from 1 to 500 employees when I was kid, which inspired me to start my own DJ company in high school. (That paid my way through college.)

My professional career is where I really started developing my coaching and leadership style. I spent 15 years in the communications, marketing and branding feilds at various companies before founding Lone Fir Creative. I started my career in broadcast studios working on commercial campaigns, moved into managing communications and PR for a biotech start up and most recently was the general manager of a consumer beverage brand. 

Now I help budding and seasoned agency owners overcome hurdles to success and build something they’re proud of. Most of the agencies I work with earn an average annual revenue of $500k - $2M and have built a team that they want to make more efficient or grow.

Our company changed drastically. We hired a CEO and grew from five employees to hiring a tenth employee in the past 6 months. Being a part of this group inspired lots of change and new processes. At the same time, it helped us bring the right people into the company to help it grow.
Headshot of Ben Lueders
Ben Lueders
Fruitful Design - Agency Partner
Tyler's a thoughtful and smart leader and Lone Fir is a well-run agency with a great team. Tyler and his team pulled back the curtain on so many parts of their business. It was refreshing and helpful to see how they have approached things including designing services, managing growth, sales & marketing, service delivery, team structure, cost management, and retaining customers. Another benefit of the group was the other members. We spoke candidly about the challenges and opportunities each member was facing in their business and received equally candid thoughts and feedback from others.
Diona Kidd
Knowmad Digital Marketing - Partner
I started with the idea of, there's got to be a better way to build this. Ultimately, working through this group helped me solidify the way that I wanted to build the business moving forward. I saw a path based on what my skill sets are, what we actually need for clients and internally, along with a lot of great tools and resources to help us build smarter. I ended up moving away from an in-house team and started hiring the right contractors to serve and support my clients in the best possible way.
Headshot of David Lillard
David Lillard
Spartan Branding Co - Agency Owner
The biggest change for us has been getting out of our own way, in terms of hiring people. We pivoted from a mindset of ‘people are here to make our jobs easier' to giving other people the reins and helping them win. The amount of trust in our company has grown considerably. Our culture and the way we hire is completely different. Now, we go after the people and competencies we want instead of whoever just comes along.
Headshot of Raj Lulla
Raj Lulla
Fruitful Design - Agency Partner

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